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Scholarship recipients announced


The Lovell Foundation is proud to announce that Edith Cowan University Western Australia is the worthy recipient of the ‘Trevor Mast Research Scholarship’.

The focus of the scholarship will be developing a training guide for paid carers who support people living with Younger Onset Dementia.

This is an exciting opportunity for us to contribute to the knowledge base of staff in respite and residential facilities and improve overall care for the young with dementia.

The scholarship is, of course, named after Trevor Mast (pictured above) – one of Victoria’s great winemakers, who developed Younger Onset Dementia.

Trevor was a renowned winemaker, a pioneer in Australia of cool climate viticulture, and a finalist in the Australian Winemaker of the Year Awards. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s-type dementia at age fifty-seven and died at sixty-three.

His family remains committed to development of better services for people with Younger Onset Dementia.

For further information on Trevor Mast, please visit the links below:

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The Lovell Foundation would also like to thank Mercy Health for providing ongoing support for the project.

We will relay updates on the ‘Trevor Mast Research Scholarship’ trials and outcomes throughout the year.