The Lovell Foundation is proud to announce that Edith Cowan University WA is the worthy recipient of the Trevor Mast Research Scholarship. The focus of the scholarship will be developing a training guide for staff who work in respite and residential care facilities, specific to the needs of those with younger onset dementia and their families. This is an exciting opportunity for us to contribute to the knowledge base of staff and improve the care of the young with dementia. We would like to thank Mercy Health for providing support for the project. We will provide further updates throughout the coming year.

The Christmas Hills Art and Craft Show, held from October 16th-18th, was a great success, raising over $6500 for The Lovell Foundation.

We would like to thank the Committee of Management of the Christmas Hills Mechanics Institute for organising the event, and the Yarra Valley Dairy and Hoogies of Yarra Glen who made generous donations.

Thank you also to the many talented artists and stall holders who donated a percentage of their sales to us.


'One day my husband won't remember me'

by Kerry McCarthy  Photo: Eamon Gallagher

Source: The Daily Telegraph September 18, 2011 


Garry and Mandy Lovell are learning to cope with early-onset Alzheimer's

FOR Mandy and Garry Lovell, a diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer’s means every day could be the last memory they share.

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New Younger Onset Dementia Keyworkers. 

Alzheimer’s Australia is launching a new National Younger Onset Dementia Key Worker Program to provide individualised support services and improve the quality of life for people with younger onset dementia.

The younger onset dementia key worker will be a single point of contact for people with younger onset dementia, their families and carers.  They will provide individualised information, support, counselling and advice and help consumers effectively engage with services appropriate to their individual needs.

Eligibility:  anyone under the age of 65yr with  a diagnosis of any form of dementia, suspected dementia, MCI or in the process of seeking a diagnosis is eligible for the key worker program.

How to refer:    You can make a referral to a YOD Key worker by using  our standard referral form (attached and available from the fightdementia website) or calling our Gateway Team on 1800 100 500.



Garry's Dream

The Lovell Foundation and Alzheimer's Australia Vic have set an objective to promote the development of a quality long term accommodation facility for people diagnosed with Younger Onset Dementia.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of families living with Younger Onset Dementia in telling their stories and identifying their needs. Thanks is also extended to members of the Younger Onset Professional Advisory Group from Alzheimer’s Australia Vic, National Aging Research Institute, Neuropsychiatry Unit of Royal Melbourne Hospital and the Eastern Cognitive Disorders Clinic for their advice and support.

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